Brew Day at Macalister: A play date with Terry and Rob

By Dion Clark My in-laws live on the northern beaches of Cairns, so we visit there regularly. Now, it’s lovely there and everything, but there’s always been a distinct lack of breweries. Until now. The in-laws had often mentioned that an old friend of theirs “Terry” was also a homebrewer. A couple of times off-handedly …


How to read a BJCP Scoresheet

By Nick Holt As a club we have spent a lot of time in mini-comps talking about how to fill in a scoresheet, and I have previously written about the importance of understanding how to do this as part of my preparation to become a BJCP judge. However, thinking back to when I first joined …

Fault training at The Mill on Constance

The Best Exam You Have Ever Studied For

By Nick Holt Recently Tony van Der linden, Dion Clark, Ricky Schmidt, and I sat the BJCP tasting exam with hopes to become a BJCP Beer Judge. This article explains my journey through the process. It was fun, and as the title of the article says it was the best exam I have ever studied …


Brisbane Breweries List

In this golden age of brewing, we think it’s worth keeping a list of all the new breweries in our city and surrounds. This is a work in progress. Please comment below for recommendations, new breweries, or any information that you would like to add. What’s included? All breweries with a bar, or somewhere you …


What A Week It Was: Brewsvegas 2018

By Tony van der Linden Do you like IPA? Of course you do. How about cheese? I do. What about Imperial Stout. Yes again. “How much?” you ask. A lot. So I was pretty stoked when I skimmed through the Brewsvegas program online to see all of these boxes ticked. After dithering about going to …


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