The Club Championship

The Club Championship is our own Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) registered competition, held annually, and open to BABBs members only. Being BJCP registered means that is run to a strict set of guidelines, and uses BJCP accredited judges. The competition is a great way to receive reliable feedback about your beers, and have a chance to win some nice prizes. The comp is held in the lead up to Queensland Amateur Brewing Championships (QABC), and as such provides valuable feedback for those going on to state level.

The Club Championship also serves an important educational role in the club by helping members learn about competition entry, training new judges and stewards, and improving the experience of current judges.


  • Champion Beer for the Best Of Show
  • Champion Beermaker for the highest overall placings
  • Champion Stoutmaker Porter and Stouts over two subclasses
  • Champion Lager for the best overall Lager
  • Champion Novice for the best novice entry

Entry Categories for 2018

1. Wheat
1D. American Wheat
10A. Weissbier
10B. Dunkles Weissbier
10C. Weizenbock
23A. Berliner Weisse
24A. Witbier
27. Historical Beer (Gose)

2. Lager
2A. International Pale Lager
3A. Czech Pale Lager
3B. Czech Premium Pale Lager
3C. Czech Amber Lager
3D. Czech Dark Lager
4A Munich Helles
4B. Festbier
4C. Helles Bock
5C. Helles Exportbier
5D. German Pils
6A. Marzen
6C. Dunkles Bock
7A.Vienna Lager
8A. Munich Dunkel
8B. Schwarzbier
19B. California Common

3. Pale Ale and Bitter
1C. Cream Ale
5B. Kolsch
11A. Ordinary Bitter
11B. Best Bitter
11C. Strong Bitter
12A. Britsh Golden Ale
12B. Australian Sparkling Ale
12C. English IPA
18A. Blonde Ale

4. American Ale
18B. American Pale Ale
19A. American Amber
19C. American Brown
21A. American IPA
21B. Specialty IPA (all)
22A. Double IPA

5. Amber and Dark Ale
7B Altbier
13A. Dark Mild
13B. British Brown Ale
14B. Scottish Heavy
14C. Scottish Export
15A. Irish Red Ale

6. Stout and Porter
9C. Baltic Porter
13C. English Porter
15B. Irish Stout
15C. Irish Extra Stout
16A. Sweet Stout
16B. Oatmeal Stout
16D. Foreign Extra Stout
20A. American Porter
20B. American Stout
20C. Imperial Stout

7. Strong Ale
17A. English Strong Ale
17B. Old Ale
17D. English Barleywine
22B. American Strong Ale
22C. American Barleywine
22D. Wheatwine
25C. Belgian Golden Strong
26B. Belgian Dubbel
26C. Belgian Trippel
26D. Belgian Dark Strong

8. Belgian and Farmhouse
26A. Trappist Single
24B. Belgian Pale Ale
25B. Saison
24C. Biere de Garde
23B. Flanders Red
23D. Lambic
23E. Gueuze
23F. Fruit Lambic
28A. Brett Beer
25A. Belgian Blond Ale

9. Specialty
6B. Rauchbier
29A. Fruit Beer
30A. Spice,Herb or Vegetable Beer
31A. Alternative Grain Beer
32A. Classic Style Smoked beer
32B. Specialty Smoked Beer
33A. Wood-aged beer
33B. Specialty Wood-Aged Beer

These styles correspond to the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines, and will be judged accordingly.

The BJCP guidelines should be consulted for style descriptions and style specific entry requirements.

Link to BJCP 205 Guidelines.

Entry is through the competition software at