2012 Summary of Events

BABBs calendar for 2012
* indicates months with five Thursdays

Wednesday January 25th (date changed due to Australia Day public holiday)
Mash Paddle competition briefing
Mini-comp No. 1: Pale Ale & Bitter

February 23rd
Mini-comp No. 2: American Ale

March 22nd *
Education night

April 26th
Mash Paddle compmetition entries due
Mini-comp No. 3: Dark Ale

May 24th *
Mash Paddle winner announced
Social night

June 28th
Mini-comp No. 4: Porter & Stout

July 26th
Mini-comp No. 5: Belgian Ale

July (date to be announced)
Annual competition judged

August 23rd *
Annual General Meeting
Annual competition winners announced

September 27th
(NB: mini comp moved to October)
Education night - Brennan from Burleigh Brewing

October 18th (date changed due to ANHC)

Mini-comp No. 6: Lager & Pilsner

November 22nd *
Most Consistent Brewer award announced