Mash Paddle 2010

This year’s mash paddle beer, suggested by the folks at Eagle Heights, is to be a “Winter Warmer’ with a chocolate theme.
Unfortunately Ed Gordon couldn’t make the meeting but Ross introduced the details for this fairly open style for this year.
The beer must be a full mash, but can be any style of beer, the only restriction being that it must be in excess of 6% ABV. There is no upper limit on ABV!
The beer must have a chocolate theme. It doesn’t have to use real chocolate, but it could!
The use of Cacao nibs, essences or flavourings is permitted.
There are no restrictions on adjuncts, spices or other ingredients.

There are to be a maximum of 2 entries per brewers. Entries must be presented at the May meeting for sending to Eagle Heights for judging and also judging for the mini-comp that month.
So that’s 2 bottles per entry.

The intention is that the winner be announced in June for brewing in July.