QAAWBG 2007 State Comp

On Saturday, September 1st, a group of 10 BABB's members, including your editor, made the journey to the Ipswich Showgrounds for the QAAWBG Annual Competition Dinner. I am pleased to report that on the return journey, we were weighed down by an impressive array of trophies and awards. BABB's retained the title of Champion Beermaking Guild, increasing last year's winning margin, and scoring more than three times the points of our nearest competitor. Of the ten classes open to all-grain brewers, eight were won by BABB's, with the other two classes won by Lyall Cottam, representing PUBS. Congratulations to all BABB's members who participated in this year's State Championship.

QAAWBG Beer Results 2007.doc40.5 KB