July 22, 2021


Club Greenslopes, 131 Ridge St, Greenslopes




The July meeting is our Annual General Meeting where we elect the committee for the following financial year. Results of our Annual Club Championships are presented at this meeting. It’s all terribly boring. Or is it…

“Get Tickets” and register to attend here: https://babbs.tidyhq.com/public/schedule/events

BABBS meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month. We start from 7pm, for a 7:30pm kick off to the meeting. Arrive early to enjoy a pub meal or a beer from the the bar just next door.

Club Greenslopes is close to Greenslopes Busway Station, as well as the 172 and other bus routes about 20 minutes from the city. Passing nearby are the Veloway 1, and the SE Freeway bikeway.

Guests are always welcome. We ask that you contribute $5 toward snacks and room hire.

See here for more information about the club https://babbrewers.com/about/