The Mash paddle is an annual competition held by BABBs in collaboration with The Scratch Bar in Milton since 2016.

Our brewers each brew a beer to a special category, and their beers are judged by the staff at The Scratch. The winning brewers get to brew a small commercial batch of their beer at our sponsor breweries. Those beers go on tap at The Scratch for our special tapping event in early October.

Additionally, the Member’s Choice beer is elected at the May social night meeting.

Interpret the theme how you will, and as laterally as you like.

Have a great backstory for your beer.

Entries due at the May meeting.

Mash Paddle 2023

Mash Paddle 2022

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Mash Paddle 2020

Mash Paddle 2019

Mash Paddle 2019

Mash Paddle 2018

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Mash Paddle 2016

Category: Historical Beer Styles

Mash Paddle 2015

Category: Porter Plus Special Ingredient