Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers run several competitions throughout the year, for various purposes.


Mini Competitions

  • Held at our monthly meetings, six per year
  • Different categories each mini competition
  • Judged communally with expert guidance
  • Less formal entry requirements than other comps
  • Guests may enter if they bring along a beer
  • Members can win monthly prizes
  • Chance for members to win the Ernie Melville “Most Consistent Brewer” Trophy!


Annual Club Championship

  • Held annually and open to BABBs members only
  • Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) registered competition
  • Receive reliable feedback about your beers from experienced judges
  • Chance to win some great prizes
  • Gateway to the Queensland Amateur Brewing Championships (QABC)
Club Championship


The Mash Paddle

  • Judged by the Staff at The Scratch
  • Special style requirement that changes each year
  • Winning beers go on tap at The Scratch for a special event!
  • Winners have the opportunity to brew their beers at a commercial brewery
  • Held annually, and open to BABBs members only
Mash Paddle

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