Beer fault sensory training

Common Beer Faults

by Dion Clark These faults were sampled in our March 2019 education night sensory training session. They represent some of the most common beer faults. Tips aim to be relevant to our member’s brewing practices. Diacetyl Aroma of butter, Werther’s caramel, or artificial popcorn butter.  Taste is buttery, and leaves a characteristic oily slickness on …


Needs More Hops!

Guide to improving your hoppy beers by Nick Holt The Hops The first and most basic is the hop itself. Look at the type and try and select more classic American hop types for that typical hop character. Australian and NZ hops can be great, but start with a classic well known hop you know …


Brisbane Water Analysis

The table below table shows the full results of water analyses commissioned by BABBs in March 2019. Note that the City and West sources come from the same source, while the Cleveland, Northgate, and Rochedale South all come from separate reservoirs. There is quite an amount of variation in metals across samples from the City …


How to read a BJCP Scoresheet

By Nick Holt. As a club we have spent a lot of time in mini-comps talking about how to fill in a scoresheet, and I have previously written about the importance of understanding how to do this as part of my preparation to become a BJCP judge. However, thinking back to when I first joined …

Fault training at The Mill on Constance

The Best Exam You’ve Ever Studied For

By Nick Holt. Recently Tony van Der linden, Dion Clark, Ricky Schmidt, and I sat the BJCP tasting exam with hopes to become a BJCP Beer Judge. This article explains my journey through the process. It was fun, and as the title of the article says it was the best exam I have ever studied …


How to Fill a Keg the Troy Parker Way

Clean, sanitise and purge keg with CO2. (The purge allows checking the keg for leaks before filling) Hook up beer line to keg out post allowing excess sanitiser in the keg to pour out and release any pressure in the keg. Once the CO2 slows to a stop attach to fermenter. Remove beer line from …

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