May 4, 2019


East Brisbane - Please email us for details



Big Brew Day

Big Brew day is BABB’s contribution to the American Homebrew Association’s National Homebrew Day. Sure, it’s an American thing, but it’s become an international celebration of homebrew!

This is a great day for new and beginner brewers to see how it’s all done, it’s also just a fun social day. Members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Dan generously opens up his backyard, where we set up a number of electric and gas powered systems usually including a 3-Vessel, a Grainfather, a Braumeister, and a BIAB.

Bring your lunch or get food from nearby shops. Afterward we hold a pilgrimage to Semi-Pro brewing to sample their wares.

Please email us for the location and other details of Big Brew Day.

More info about Big Brew in general: