QABC 2017

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QABC Results

Brewers: 126
Entries: 435
Winning Club: Righteous Brewers of Townsville
Runner Up: BABBs with 16 medals
Champion Brewer: Ricky Schmidt (BABBs)

BABBs Medals & Places

Pale Lager:
Ricky Schmidt
Munich Helles
41.5 pts – Bronze (2nd place)

Pale Ale:
Nick Holt
Belgian Pale Ale
42.5 pts – Silver (2nd place)
Mark Davies
Blonde Ale
38 pts – Bronze

American Pale Ale:
Fergus Seppanen
43 pts – Silver (1st place)

Bitter Ale:
Ricky Schmidt
American Amber Ale
42 pts – Silver (3rd place)

Brown Ale:
Perry Burt
English Brown Ale
45 pts – Silver (1st place)
Mark Bedford
Australian Dark Ale
40 pts – Bronze

Tony van der Linden
Baltic Porter
40.5 pts – Bronze (4th Place)

Strong Stout:
Tony van der Linden
Imperial Stout
42 pts – Silver (2nd Place)
Nick Holt
Imperial Stout
38 pts – Bronze (5th place)

Dougal Grimley
American IPA
36.75 pts (6th place)

Wheat & Rye Ales
Anthony “Ziggo” Zigenbine
American Wheat
38 pts – Bronze (3rd place)

Sour Ale
Nick Holt
Mixed Fermentation Sour
40 pts – Bronze (4th place)

Belgian Ale:
Dion Clark
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
41.5 pts – Bronze

Strong Ales and Lagers:
Dougal Grimley
American Strong Ale
37.75 ps (4th place)
Tony van der Linden
American Barleywine
34.75 pts (5th place)

Fruit, Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer:
Ricky Schmidt
Fruit Beer
41 pts – Bronze (2nd place)

Sean Reynolds Massey-Reed
Dry Mead
42 pts – Silver (2nd place)

Nick Barnes
Other Cider/Perry
41 pts – Bronze (2nd place)

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