Mini Comp Style Guide 2020

BABBS JANUARY: Lager Mini Comp

Categories being judged:

  • 3B Czech Premium Pale Lager
  • 3D Czech Dark lager
  • 4A Munich Helles
  • 5D German Pils
  • 6A Marzen
  • 6B Rauchbier
  • 7A Vienna Lager
  • 8A Munich Dunkel
  • 8B Schwarzbier
  • X5 New Zealand Pilsner


Categories being judged:

  • 1D American Wheat
  • 10A Weissbier
  • 10B Dunkles Weissbier
  • 10C Weizenbock
  • 23A Berliner Weisse
  • 24A Witbier
  • 27 Piwo Grodziskie (historical)
  • 27 Gose (historical)

BABBS APRIL: Pale and Bitter Ales Mini Comp

Categories being judged:

  • 5B Kolsch
  • 11A Ordinary Bitter
  • 11B Best Bitter
  • 11C Strong Bitter
  • 12A British Golden Ale
  • 12B Australian Sparkling Ale
  • 18B American Pale Ale
  • 19A American Amber Ale
  • 19B California Common

BABBS JUNE: Porters and Stout Mini Comp

Categories being judged:

  • 9C Baltic Porter
  • 13C English Porter
  • 15B Irish Stout
  • 15C Irish Extra Stout
  • 16A Sweet Stout
  • 16B Oatmeal Stout
  • 16D Foreign Extra Stout
  • 20A American Porter
  • 20C Imperial Stout

BABBS AUGUST: Belgian Mini Comp

Categories being judged:

  • 23B Flanders Red Ale
  •  24B Belgian Pale Ale
  • 25A Belgian Blonde
  • 25B Saison
  • 26A Trappist Single
  • 26B Belgian Dubbel
  • 26C Belgian Tripel
  • 26D Belgian Dark Strong


Categories being judged:

  • 12C English IPA
  • 21A American IPA
  • 21B Black IPA
  • 21B Red IPA
  • 21B Rye IPA
  • 21B White IPA
  • 21B NEIPA
  • 22A Double IPA
  • 29C Specialty Fruit IPA

Refer to the BJCP 2015 guidelines for further details for each style:

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