How to Fill a Keg the Troy Parker Way

September 30, 2017 / Comments (1)

Brewing Tips

        1. Clean, sanitise and purge keg with CO2.
          (The purge allows checking the keg for leaks before filling)
        2. Hook up beer line to keg out post allowing excess sanitiser in the keg to pour out and release any pressure in the keg.
        3. Once the CO2 slows to a stop attach to fermenter.
        4. Remove beer line from keg.
        5. Attach beer line to 750ML PET bottle with carbonator cap.
        6. Fill PET bottle from fermenter. This step gives me an immediate taster, ensures oxygen is purged and keeps those first tap floaties out of the keg.
        7. Once PET is full open pressure relief valve on the keg, wait for any remaining pressure to empty, and attach beer line from the fermenter.
        8. Quickly carbonate taster to drink while you wait for the keg to fill.

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How to Fill a Keg the Troy Parker Way

  1. Dion says:

    Thanks, I found this very informative and now use this method. I would warn that for very hoppy beers, the beer post/disconnect can very easily get blocked with hop matter.

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