Mini Comp Style Guide 2019

BABBS JANUARY: Lager Mini Comp
24th Jan

Categories being judged:
3B Czech Premium Pale Lager
3D Czech Dark lager
4A Munich Helles
5D German Pils
6A Marzen
6B Rauchbier
7A Vienna Lager
8A Munich Dunkel
8B Schwarzbier

BABBS FEBRUARY: British Ales Mini Comp
28th Feb*

Categories being judged:
(must be less than 4.5% alc./vol)

11A Ordinary Bitter
11B Best Bitter
11C Strong Bitter
13A Dark Mild
13B British Brown Ale
14A Scottish Heavy
15A Irish Red Ale
17B Old Ale

BABBS APRIL: Pale and American Ales Mini Comp
18th Apr

Categories being judged:
1C Cream Ale
5B Kolsch
12A British Golden Ale
12B Australian Sparkling Ale
18A Blonde Ale
18B American Pale Ale
19A American Amber Ale
19C American Brown Ale

BABBS JUNE: Porters and Stout Mini Comp
27th Jun (early due to Anzac Day)

Categories being judged:
9C Baltic Porter
13C English Porter
15B Irish Stout
15C Irish Extra Stout
16A Sweet Stout
16B Oatmeal Stout
16D Foreign Extra Stout
20A American Porter
20C Imperial Stout

BABBS AUGUST: Belgian Mini Comp
22nd Aug*

Categories being judged:
25A Belgian Blonde
25B Saison
26B Belgian Dubbel
26C Belgian Tripel
26D Belgian Dark Strong
26A Trappist Single
24B Belgian Pale Ale
23B Flanders Red Ale

24th Oct

Categories being judged:
12C English IPA
21A American IPA
21B Black IPA
21B Red IPA
21B Rye IPA
21B White IPA
22A Double IPA
29C Specialty Fruit IPA

Refer to the BJCP 2015 guidelines for further details for each style:

*denotes month with five Thursdays.

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