BABBs mini-competitions are run six times a year at our regular meetings, and they are great fun!

We judge entrants at communal tables together with the guidance of more experienced judges. The mini-comps are more about getting unbiased feedback on your brew, and learning about beer evaluation than winning.

Each mini-comp has a limited theme or style category such as IPA, Belgian, or Wheat Beers. Members find that this is great for pushing them out of their comfort zone, and encouraging them to brew new styles. Mini-comp style guidelines are set by the committee each year, and published with our calendar of events in the November newsletter for the following year.

Scroll down to see this year’s Mini-comp style guide.

Information for Entrants

Members and non-members alike may participate in the mini-comps, non-members cannot win places and prizes but receive unbiased feedback about their beer. Simply bring your beer along, and fill out an entry form on the night.

Mini-comp entries must be entered according to the designated mini-comp style guidelines – see below. Those entered out of style will be judged accordingly.

Members can ender more than one beer, but must nominate only ONE beer to contribute towards scoring – additional beers can be entered for be feedback only.

The Ernie Melville Trophy

Named after our founder, this award is for the Most Consistent Brewer of the year. Club members can win prizes for placing in each mini-comp, and go in to the running to win the coveted Ernie Melville Trophy for overall performance throughout the year.

The Most Consistent Brewer award is now calculated as follows: The top six places in each mini-comp get points toward the award. Six points for first place, five points for second, and so on till one point for sixth place. The brewer with the highest points at the end of the year wins.

The mini-competitions are run by our chief steward, assisted by the committee. Their decision on competitions matters is final.

Mini Comp Style Guide 2024

  1. January: Lagers
    1A        American Light Lager
    3B        Czech Premium Pale Lager
    3C        Czech Amber Lager
    4A        Munich Helles
    5D       German Pils
    6A        Marzen
    6B        Rauchbier
    7A        Vienna Lager
    8A        Munich Dunkel
    8B        Schwarzbier
    X5        New Zealand Pilsner
  2. February: Wheat Beers
    1D       American Wheat
    10A      Weissbier
    10B      Dunkles Weissbier
    10C      Weizenbock
    22D     Wheat Wine
    23A      Berliner Weisse
    24A      Witbier
    27        Piwo Grodziskie (Historical)
    27        Gose (Historical)
    X4A      Catharina Sour
  3. April: Pale and Bitter Ales
    5B        Kolsch
    11A      Ordinary Bitter
    11B      Best Bitter
    11C      Strong Bitter
    12A      British Golden Ale
    12B      Australian Sparkling Ale
    18B      American Pale Ale
    19A      American Amber Ale
  4. June: Porters and Stouts
    9C        Baltic Porter
    13C      English Porter
    15B      Irish Stout
    15C      Irish Extra Stout
    16A      Sweet Stout
    16B      Oatmeal Stout
    16D     Foreign Extra Stout
    20A      American Porter
    20C      Imperial Stout
  5. August: Belgians
    23B      Flanders Red Ale
    24B      Belgian Pale Ale
    25A      Belgian Blonde
    25B      Saison
    26A      Trappist Single
    26B      Belgian Dubbel
    26C      Belgian Tripel
    26D     Belgian Dark Strong
  6. October: IPAs
    12C      English IPA
    21A      American IPA
    21B      Black IPA
    21B      Red IPA
    21B      Rye IPA
    21B      White IPA
    21B      NEIPA
    22A      Double IPA
    For details see BJCP 2021 guidelines:

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